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Rico Herwig

Frontend Developer


Hi, I'm Rico - a passionate Frontend Developer from nothern Germany.

Being a frontend developer - to me - means to research; it means to test; and it means to adapt constantly.

Every day brings new technologies, new trends or exciting tooling. Sometimes, it is hard to tell between those to stay and those that are merely a storm in a teacup. I consider it both my responsibility and passion to compile all this together with my experience into next generation frontends that match the customer's needs and budget!

Besides coding, I also love to play music and video games.



B.Sc. Business-Informatics

Integrated Degree Program at the International Business School Oldenburg partnered with EWE Netz GmbH.

Topic of the paper: Optimierung von Website Teasern durch den Einsatz von Persuasive Technology



Web Application Developer - Tobit.Software

At my first job after university, I was responsible for the E-Commerce-Module of the Mobile-Framework chayns.

Using React, C# und TSQL, my team and I implemented an online-shop from the ground up and published it via chayns for everyone to download on the app store.


Frontend Developer - SHOPMACHER

At SHOPMACHER I worked for many different customers and accompanied them and their online shops - be it a launch or development.

The shops I got to work on there were mostly Shopware 5 + 6 as well as Oxid and Shopify based.

The main part of my work has been the development of plugins, optimization of frontend-(performance) and the creation of CMS elements in close contact with the customer.


Senior Frontend Developer - Kellerkinder

Working with the Kellerkinder was my introduction into working 100%-remotely, which I still do and love to this day.

There, I worked alongside a team of true Shopware experts, improving online shop frontends, creating customer experiences and working on the frontend visions of our customers.


Senior Frontend Developer - i-flow

At i-flow, my goal is to connect factories and IT. As Frontend Developer for data-harmonization-software in the IIoT environment, it is my goal, to create a user-experience, that can be enjoyed by everyone - tech-savvy or not.